Exceed classes are scalable to every fitness level. While instruction is to the highest level to continually push our athletes to new limits, modifications are always offered and it is expected individuals will go at their own pace as needed. 

What to Expect: The Workout is a full body, 50 minute, heart-pumping session that maxes out at 20 clients. This signature Exceed class blends a combination of TRX, kettlebells, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to jumpstart your metabolism. Proven to be one of the most highly effective workouts, athletes can expect to feel leaner, stronger, and more fit from the first session.

Who It’s For: Athletes looking to take their fitness to a higher level, whether it is to achieve a new goal or the beginning of a new regiment. All fitness levels are welcome.

Class Length: 50 Minutes

Locations: Tribeca and Upper East Side

In addition to The Workout, a 50 minute heart-pumping, full body class, specialty class offerings including Boxing, and choices for Kids may be found on our schedule.

Athletes looking for speciality class offerings are encouraged to check our online schedule, or contact our Front Desk!