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Are You a Trainer?

Welcome! Exceed is a full-service fitness studio catering to personal trainers who are looking to achieve their best and help their clients do the same.  We believe in the power of setting goals, sharing knowledge, and supporting every individual through a positive stance and a generous spirit. We encourage you to bring your clients to train at Exceed. We have a wide range of current and effective functional fitness equipment and frequently seek to increase our tools based on client and trainer needs. Discount packages are available for training sessions, and you are welcome to drop in as desired. Please also feel free to inquire about our private training referral program.

Stop in and take a tour, or contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

Please note, we do require the addition of our specific location’s (UES or Tribeca) name and address to your current insurance before you may train at our facilities.

Are You a Client?

Exceed fields a deep bench of the city’s most skilled and experienced personal trainers, and provides an inspiring functional physical space outfitted with the most current and effective fitness tools. Please fill out the form below or click here to Contact us if you are interested in learning more about working with a personal trainer at Exceed.

Personal Training Consultation: Setting Your Health and Fitness Goals

Personal Training Director: Tina@ExceedPhysicalCulture.com

Studio Manager: Sammie@ExceedPhysicalCulture.com


What to expect during the consultation process?

  • Consultation with Personal Training Director – Individualized evaluation. Together we will establish your relevant health and fitness goals.

  • Review of health and fitness plan designed around your unique goals, abilities and fitness level.

  • Follow-up meeting to assess and evaluate your success.

To better meet your individual needs, please take a moment to answer the following questions.

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