Is there any specific class that I need to start with before taking Exceed’s signature workout?

Due to Exceed’s unique training style, classes are scalable to any fitness level. While we teach each class to the highest level and continually push our athletes to new limits, clients can go at their own pace as needed. Our instructors will always ask you before class if there is anything you need to modify.


What should I wear to class?

Workout attire and sneakers—wear what you will be comfortable moving around in. Expect to sweat! Towels are provided in the studio and on the training floor.


Do you have locker rooms?

We have men’s and women’s locker rooms downstairs equipped with showers and fully stocked with anything you might need to freshen up after your workout.


Do you offer membership?

There are no formal commitments when signing up for Exceed classes. We do offer a monthly unlimited for $350 (for 31 days), but you are always welcome to drop in as well!


Does my class package expire?

All class packages (with the exception of the Exceed Monthly Unlimited and 30 Class Power Series) expire 1 year from the first day of use.


Is there a charge for late canceling with an unlimited package?

Yes, due to a high volume of reservations we will charge a $20 late cancel fee if you have the monthly unlimited package.


So, is this like Crossfit?

No. Although we utilize a lot of the same equipment and exercises as well as keep our class programs constantly varied, CrossFit is a high intensity/HIGH impact workout and Exceed is a high intensity/LOW impact workout. There is no heavy weightlifting in our classes, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.


Can I bring my trainer to Exceed?

Yes! Clients are welcome to bring their trainer to Exceed or we can match them up with one of our independent personal trainers.


I’m a trainer, what do I need in order to train at your facility?

We require a copy of your insurance policy form with Exceed Fitness LLC (if training at the Upper East Side location) and/or Exceed Physical Culture LLC (if training at the Tribeca location) and added onto it as additionally insured prior to your first session. Please inquire for independent trainer rates.


What type of instructor should I take?

All of our instructors are going to provide you with a similar workout experience – full-body, 50-minute, high intensity circuit training that mixes cardio and strength. That being said, each instructor has their own personal style! If you’re new to Exceed, we recommend that you pick the class that works best with your schedule, regardless of the instructor. Rest assured, no matter who you chose, you’ll get a great workout! However, if you’re looking for a very specific experience, or have very specific likes/dislikes in your group fitness classes, feel free to call or email us at any time for a more personalized recommendation.


Can I come late?

At Exceed, we have a very strict 5 minute lateness policy – if you are more than 5 minutes late to class, we cannot admit you (even if you call ahead) and you will be late cancelled/charged a class. This is out of courtesy to other class participants, as well as for your own personal safety. In addition, after 3 minutes we will give up your spot to anyone on the wait list.


What does Physical Culture mean?

Physical Culture is an idea that is created when a community joins together to establish a philosophy, regimen, or lifestyle seeking maximum physical, mental, spiritual, and social development through methods such as fitness, diet, athletics and mental discipline.