Our Philosophy

Exceed advances the pursuit of athletic achievement through functional fitness by uniting the forces of environment, expertise, energy and empowerment. This the Power of X. An experience designed to rally the athlete in all of us.


Environment: Exceed is a highly functional physical space equipped with the most current, effective fitness tools, and a supportive and inclusive community that extends beyond our walls. More than a gym or studio, Exceed is a mindset.


Expertise: Exceed fields a deep bench of highly skilled, capable, experienced class instructors and personal trainers. Our entire Exceed team is positioned to inspire and support our community to pursue achievement of their goals.  


Energy: Our passion and drive is contagious, bolstered by our abiding belief that positivity has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. We strive to inspire our community, and fulfill a mandate to uplift and motivate.


Empowerment: Our mission is to elevate the power of your body and mind to achieve and be your best, in a way that works for you. Exceed generates individual peak performance and personal achievement in a supportive community setting.

The Exceed Origin Story

In 2012, with a lack of gyms that supported functional fitness training and classes, Exceed Physical Culture was created, bringing a community of like-minded, results-driven athletes and trainers together. Today, we operate as a full service boutique gym with two locations that offers group classes to all levels of athletes, and a space for personal trainers looking to achieve their personal best and help their clients do the same.
Exceed is grounded in the beliefs of the Physical Culture Movement and rallies against our modern sedentary lifestyles. We support bringing a healthier way of life to our communities and maximum physical, mental, spiritual, and social development through methods of fitness, diet, athletics, and mental discipline.