About Exceed

Established in March 2012 by Catherine Goodwin and renowned celebrity trainer Ed Cashin, Exceed Physical Culture is a community where every person can be an athlete and achieve their highest fitness goals.  Based on his 25+ years of personal and client training experience, Ed developed Exceed's SUMMIT Method (Strength & Ultra Metabolic Movement Interval Training) to revolutionize the fitness industry by bringing the best of personal training to a small group format. Exceed classes are the ultimate metabolic and strength workout, where for 50 minutes you are continually raising your heart rate while building muscle at the same time. It is a workout designed for every fitness level, athlete, man and woman who want to achieve their highest level of fitness At Exceed, it is our true passion to help you surpass not just your current level fitness but the level you never thought was attainable.



SUMMIT Classes  

Exceed’s SUMMIT classes are purposely varied to generate maximum results from each workout.  Our athletes learn to expect the unexpected.  All classes, however, will include:

-Personal training in a small group format.  Our instructors give individual attention to each athlete for a full body, high intensity, cardio and strength workout.

-Use of a combination of highly effective fitness tools to greatly improve individual strength and endurance, such as TRX suspension training, kettlebells, medicine balls, BOSU balls, jump ropes, Concept2 rowers, Tabata method, high intensity interval training (HIIT), bodyweight exercises – and whatever other tools our instructors feel inspired to throw in!

SUMMIT Masters' Classes 

Take your Exceed workout to the next level with these new SUMMIT Masters' Classes. These fast paced workouts take our SUMMIT classes up a notch (or several), with quick instruction followed by complex movement patterns and exercises. Athletes must attend at least 3 Exceed SUMMIT classes and have knowledge of basic movements and equipment in the studio prior to admittance into the Masters' level. Each class will include a competition aspect, either against fellow athletes or against your own personal best. Increase your metabolic strength and endurance through our instructors' creative complex movement design. 

• Cardio Boxing

This class is geared to get your cardiovascular endurance up to its highest potential while having fun to keep your mind off the workout. Tone up your arms, abs, shoulders, and legs in this high intensity, full body endurance class. Alternate between bootcamp style circuits, ab work, punching on the heavy bag, and learning mitt combinations one on one with the instructor. Cardio Boxing is for the person who wants to see a change in his or her body, mind, and spirit.   


Learn the foundational movements to the kettlebell using a combination of strength and metabolic training for a full body workout. All levels welcome. 

• SEALs Team Training

On the first morning of Navy SEAL training, before the sun has risen, the class reports to “The Grinder” for an abrupt introduction to the SEAL selection process. During this evolution, called Grinder PT, trainees are put through a series of grueling exercises while being soaked with cold water and forced to coat their bodies with sand. On the Grinder, the weak links begin to disappear and the survivors begin to come together as a team. SEALs Team Training is a high intensity group class developed and taught by combat veteran Navy SEALs. For a venue, the SEALs replace the Grinder with Exceed’s state-of-the-art functional fitness studio, and for motivation, they replace cold water and sand with instruction and encouragement. Inspired by actual SEAL training, the workout sessions are designed to foster teamwork and competition in order to create an intense workout experience that delivers SEAL-caliber results. Trainees are assigned to small teams that compete against each other in a series of physical challenges, and, as always, it pays to be a winner. Advanced levels only.

Just Row

Just Row is an endurance rowing workout that trains the entire body. After a progressive warm up, expect plenty of intervals ranging from short and powerful to long and strong. The class finishes with a cool down and an off the rower stretch. Instructor participations includes visual and verbal cueing and instruction. 



 Exceed Kettlebell Club 

Build your strength and knowledge beyond your perceived limits with the 6-week Exceed Kettlebell Club. Use your basic knowledge of the fundamental movements as a guide to increase strength and mobility each week. Top kettlebell certified instructor James Eichas will challenge you physically and mentally, leaving your whole body wanting more KB's by the end. Expect kettlebell chains, ladders, and complexes to be done at a fast pace with little rest. Participants must sign up for the full 6 week club (Sundays at 9:00am; $240).

EPC Track Club 

EPC Track Club is a 6 week run training program designed by marathoner and USATF certified run coach Marianna Biribin that applies Exceed's SUMMIT methodology to help you run more efficiently and effectively. All levels are welcome; each participant will be able to work at their own pace within the group dynamic. (Tuesdays at 6:30pm or Wednesdays at 9:30am; $110).

Exceed Row Club  

Increase your knowledge and stamina through the 6-week Exceed Row Club with Concept2 Indoor Rowing certified instructor Shelly Eichas. This class is an endurance rowing workout that activates and challenges the entire body! Throughout the club, you will increase your sprint work, distance endurance, as well as form.  Instructor participation includes visual and verbal cuing and instruction. Participants must sign up for the full 6 week club (Mondays at 7:00am; $240).


Kids & Teen Fitness

 Kids Fitness & Athletic Training Workshop 

No matter their sport of choice, the explosive, multiple-joint and ground based movements of this 6 week thletic Training class will allow your child to become a faster, more agile, and impactful player on his or her team; while developing the self esteem necessary for the student athlete to excel to the next level. Goals include corrective exercise training, improving muscle balance, increasing flexibility, and establishing posture control and core stability, while having fun! Open to all kids ages 8-13 for 6 weeks either Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Teen Athletic Training 

Teen Athletic Training is based on Exceed's SUMMIT classes, designed for both athletes and non-athletes, so that all teens can set personal goals and reach new levels of fitness. All drop-in classes will be a full body, cardio and strength workout, using a variety of training tools including TRX, boxing, kettlebells, medicine balls, BOSU balls, jump ropes, rowers, bodyweight exercises, and more! Open to all teens ages 13-17.